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[IP] Re: VENT: Inferior products: Medic Alert & Sport belts

Hey Darrin,

Sounds like you are having a tough day.  Very frustrating to be diabetic and
have to deal with all of the day-to-day problems, isn't it?  I appreciate
your difficulties but have to take issue with you about Medic Alert.  I used
the same bracelet from them for about 8 years until I went on the pump and
got a new one that added "insulin pump" to it.  And to call Medic Alert a
sham is going a bit far don't you think?  In the past 12 years that I have
been a member, they have provided vital information to medical care or
emergency personnel for me 3 times when I wasn't able to.  That was
priceless and is the real reason for their existence.  But maybe you should
suggest they make a "heavy duty" bracelet chain that will take more abuse.

In any case, take it easy, Darrin.  Tomorrow will be a better day!

Bob Goodman
San Francisco Bay Area


All I ask is a medic alert braclet that doesn';t fall appart 30 days past
warranty and a sprit belt for my D pump.

The leather worker came up wiht a thing for the Medica Alert disk but dollar
after dollar it costs time and money to get the thing to fit - it's not
comfortable but I can tolerate such.

IMO  (and this isn't humble) dealing with a sham like the Medica Alert
foundation fo r27 years and a thousand dollars worht of broken and lost
braclets I think they whoucl be closed down and shown for the sham e they
are.  All I got fork them was that all their products were *designed* to
break at tx punds of force so that old people wouldn't get broken bones if
the products caught on something. - yeah like a thread!

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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