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Dear Roxanne

I don't want to flame you, just clarify:
I can tell by your post that you don't have a diabetic child. Only a parent 
or caregiver of one can truly understand what we go through when our child, 
who doesn't recognize the symptoms of a "low", goes through when we have to 
see them pass out or even have seizures, like my daughter has had 2 or 3 
times. She's 13 now and was diagnosed 7 years ago. Maybe you were a child 
diabetic and your parents can certainly relate to what I'm talking about.

The utter FEAR and DESPERATION of seeing your child in these conditions and 
that you couldn't do anything to avoid it.

I don't think there is anything wrong with using the special pass in Disney 
and other parks
THATS WHAT THEY ARE FOR! And also, keep in mind that only a small minority 
of children and toddlers are blessed with using an insulin pump, which makes 
everything a little easier.  Remember, DIABETES is UNPREDICTABLE!! On MDI, 
that NPH really makes you crash. I'm truly sorry that when I took Eileen to 
Disney, I didn't know this pass existed. We had to leave the park only after 
2 or 3 hours, because of the heat,long lines and loowwss... My other 3 kids 
were in tears, because they weren't ready to leave, but understood the 
situation. It really broke my heart to see that she couldn't have fun and 
enjoy the rides like other children. I don't think this is spoiling a child, 
after all, isn't it a medical condition? When she's an adult and can make 
her own decisions, she can decide for herself if she can wait for 3 hours in 
a line and take care of her needs as so not to put herself in risk.

Everytime my daughter has a low, a part of me just "dies". I'm sure other 
parents can relate to what I'm saying.

Sorry, for long post, just had to say this

Eileen's mom, pumping 08/00

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