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[IP] Re: : Entitlement?

In a message dated 4/4/2001 12:06:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> :  

Being a big fan of Disney World myself and traveling there every year.  I 
agree with all.  I myself have passed out in Disney World, and have had to 
stand in long lines just to get a soda.  I also now carry with me Skittles, 
as they do not melt in the sun.

Here it is, I have written to several ex's at Disney World including Michael 
Eisner.  Disney does catter to all kinds of people who visit there,  If i 
speak a special language they offer me a guide map and tape in that language. 
 If I am hearing inpaired they offer again, special things to help there.  If 
i rent one of their wheelchairs I have all kinds of special privilege's.  If 
i pay for a show in advance I have what they call ' Priority Seating"  They 
provide a changing table in their bathrooms for the little one's.  However, 
there is not a place where you can take your insulin, outside of a dirty 
bathroom stall.  They do have in there First Aide, where a person can 
refridge. there insulin, ( if not on a pump).  What a hassle if you are on 
the other side of the park.  I have ask Disney to come up with : Priority 
Eating"  just for the many of Diabetic's who visit there parks.  I do take 
responsibilty for my diabeties when i do travel there, knowing that the lines 
are long etc.  However I can fully understand how hard this is on a small 
child.  I would suggest that you write your concern's to the Disney Corp.  
The more they hear from the Diabetic's that visit their parks, the more we 
can expect them to understand our special needs.  I feel that Disney has 
cattered to almost everything else, except the Diabetic's.  

It's all in the Ear's
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