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Re: [IP] Thursday Night Chat at 9PM Eastern (2AM GMT) "Glucose Sensor"

Hi Everyone, I Would Like to Invite ANYONE interested in Insulin Pump Therapy
to Thursday nights Chat at 9PM Eastern (2AM GMT) in The IP Anytime Chat Room!!
Here is the Chat address shortcut!! Just click on this link and you will be
chatting before you know it! http://insulin-pumpers.org/chat.shtml When you
get to the Chat login area just type in the e-mail address you used when
joining Insulin-pumpers as the User name, Then Type in the word "pumper" as
the Password!! Please use all lower case letters!! I would like to gear this
chat toward the Questions or Information on the Use of the MM Glucose Sensor
since I will be hooked up on Thursday Morning at 10:30 AM And will have
Questions myself regarding anyones sensor experiences!! I would like to also
incourage more newbies to attend the chats since last weeks was a Great chat
Turnout and alot of Questions from New or prospective Pumpers were answered!!
Hope to see you at the Chat!! And remember, A true friend is one who comes in
when it seems like the rest of the world is walking out on you!! Cheers! C J
Jutras Lewiston, Maine :o)
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