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Re: [IP] Re: Entitlement?

  ----- Original Message -----
  From: Todd Beall
  "As a diabetic from age 13, the last thing I wanted was "special
  treatment" or an extra "entitlement." I wanted most of all to be treated

  ----------Good!...... Now, try it with the TODDLERS they were talking about.
YOU at 13 could tell your mom "Hey I feel rotten" or "Man, I want to throw
up!"  At 2-3 rears old were you really that articulate?

  Also, if some people need some concessions FINE! Isn't part of the problem
with getting $$$ for diabetes research the fact that we're all so busy trying
to be "Superdiabetics" and "Nothing's wrong with me" that folks out there just
don't 'get it'????

  How can we as a whole, drive the point home that this is a threatening
condition economically and  physically if we're so bent on being "Normal"?
Keep telling everyone there's nothing wrong and we'll be forever getting nine
cents from every research dollar and moaning 'cause there's no cure.

  ----Still trying to interpret "normal".

  Jenny Sutherland
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