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Re: [IP] Re: Entitlement?

Randi, mom to Bailey,

  I do agree with the one thing you said, it is hard not to spoil the child 
who is dealing with this dreaded disease.  And I really doubt if there is one 
adult dealing with this dreaded disease that doesn't wish they could be 
spoiled, even just a little bit, too!  I try not to spoil my Joshua too much. 
 And I'm really careful to not equate certain things with his diabetes.  But 
he has two strikes against him.  He is an only child AND he has diabetes.  So 
yes, he has a lot more things in his room than I ever did as a child and yes, 
I have a tendency to spoil him a LITTLE bit.  But I think he deserves it too! 
 And when I do get back down to Disney land or we ever go through with our 
plans to go to Disney World I will take advantage of a special pass and use 
it only IF I find it necessary but if Josh is doing well we will stand in the 
lines, because quite frankly I find that is part of the fun of places like 
these, the people around you!

mom to Joshua
just putting in my  2 cents worth on this subject
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