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[IP] Re: Entitlement?

<part of two original posts....>
<email @ redacted writes:
> And the one that I really do not understand is the people that feel
that just
> because they have a member of the family that has diabetes that they
> not have to wait in the lines in amusement parks (esp. Disney
> Land as previously discussed here.)  Talk about spoiling a child.
I disagree with you 100%.....If you have personally accompanied a 2 or 3
yo diabetic child to disney in the hot sun and long long lines where the
child is UNAWARE of what being HIGH or being LOW feels like then you
would never had said something like the above statement....My son passed
out right there at Disney...

Hi Lori and Roxanne,

Sorry, I agree with Roxanne...

As a diabetic from age 13, the last thing I wanted was "special
treatment" or an extra "entitlement." I wanted most of all to be treated
NORMALLY! As a parent of a diabetic, you need to decide whether or not
it is wise to have your young child wait in line at Disney (my own
children never went to Disney--we couldn't afford it! but that's another
matter....). Yes, we diabetics need a little extra
consideration--allowed to test and treat lows (and have those around us
aware of the symptoms)--but for the rest of it, I think most of us only
want to be treated like everyone else! (I think this is especially true
for young children and teens). I also think that the adversity we endure
as diabetics makes us generally stronger in the long run--not that I
welcome it, but shielding our children and giving them lots of special
treatment isn't the answer either--what happens when they expect the
same "special" treatment in college or on the job? When does it end?
Obviously some safety precautions have to be taken, esp. for young
children who can't take care of themselves or recognize symptoms, etc.
But as early as possible, I think we parents need to educate our kids to
handle their diabetes on their own, as much as possible--with all the
love and encouragement we can muster.


Todd (diabetic since age 13, parent of two children 19 and 21--who never
went to Disney but somehow came out ok anyway!)
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