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[IP] VENT: Inferior products: Medic Alert & Sport belts


All I ask is a medic alert braclet that doesn';t fall appart 30 days past
warranty and a sprit belt for my D pump.

The belt that came form D today is terrible!  It obviously won't stand up
to high presure water such as falling off skies or a spill at 50mph.  So
why bother?  the neoprene case is pathetic!

The leather worker came up wiht a thing for the Medica Alert disk but
dollar after dollar it costs time and money to get the thing to fit - it's
not comfortable but I can tolerate such.

IMO  (and this isn't humble) dealing with a sham like the Medica Alert
foundation fo r27 years and a thousand dollars worht of broken and lost
braclets I think they whoucl be closed down and shown for the sham e they
are.  All I got fork them was that all their products were *designed* to
break at tx punds of force so that old people wouldn't get broken bones if
the products caught on something. - yeah like a thread!

In addition to paying $150 for D's sport belt nowe I have ot get many
things added to it so that it will withstand watersports.

On top of that if I meet he ex once again with her siompple life that's it!
Haven't had a vactaion in five years and I want one soon but the damn D is
ging thru the paces that D promised and yeah, I'd rather be dead than
disconnect for water sports twuice a day all summer.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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