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Re: [IP] Insulin resistance

email @ redacted wrote:
> When you are diagnosed diabetic, doctors usually determine the amount of
> insulin you should take by your body weight.I'm not sure the exact formula,
> maybe someone else knows that. I'm 128lbs and I only take 35units of insulin
> a day. If I were insulin resistant, you can bet I'd take at least double that.

There is a rule of thumb: you should be taking 0.5 to 1.0 units per kilo
of body weight. At 128, you're 58 kilos -- you're taking less than 58
units and more than 29 units -- so you're right in there.

I weigh 63 kilos -- so my dose should be between 31 and 63 units a day
-- which it is, if I eat 3 squares a day. But I'd gain weight on that
much food, and I'm not that hungry, so I usually average around 20 - 30
a day, depending on food intake. 

Another YMMV, eh??
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