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Re: [IP] Re: Entitlement?

In a message dated 4/3/01 6:31:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> And the one that I really do not understand is the people that feel that just
> because they have a member of the family that has diabetes that they should
> not have to wait in the lines in amusement parks (esp. Disney World/Disney
> Land as previously discussed here.)  Talk about spoiling a child.

I disagree with you 100%.....If you have personally accompanied a 2 or 3 yo 
diabetic child to disney in the hot sun and long long lines where the child 
is UNAWARE of what being HIGH or being LOW feels like then you would never 
had said something like the above statement....My son passed out right there 
at Disney ...He couldnt tell me how he felt at 3.....Knowing how 
unpredictable all the longer acting insulins are, not to mention all the 
exercise from the walking and running around a child gets at disney it is 
EXTREMELY HARD to gauge how each person's body will react....So what is wrong 
with a pass that lets you skip the lines??  I mean how fun can it be for a 
little kid who once he finally gets to go on the ride cant because he has to 
eat or drink because he has been waiting online 60 minutes or more or worse 
yet, to completely pass out like in the case with my son???  Diabetes is not 
a one size fits all disease and if you think that by not making my young son 
wait in line is spoiling him you are truly mistaken...Ya see, I would gladly 
trade in the "special pass" to make him wait in line for hours if he didnt 
have this awful disease...I find nothing wrong with making his life a little 
easier to help him enjoy his time at a magical place just like other children 

P.S. Oh and before you suggest adding extra carbs, I did and it didnt work, 
like I said before diabetes is very unpredictable....
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