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Re: [IP] Embarrising Question, for me anyway! Please reply!

Heather, et al,
What you may be experiencing is a condition called hyperhidrosis.  It is
excessive sweating in the palms of your hands, soles of feet and under arms.

My daughter has it on the palms of her hands and it is really a problem for
her-her hands literally drip.  We have been investigating this condition for
years and she is finally at the point where she has to have serious
treatment.  In May, she is going to Mary Hitchcock Hospital affiliated with
Dartmouth College (for you non New Englanders!)  She will be injected with
Botox which paralyzes the overactive sweat glands.  It lasts for a period of
months, but for her it is worth it and insurance will cover it.  She is
starting a new job and can't even shake hands in the summer.  In all of our
research I have never seen any connection to DM and she is not diabetic.

As usual everyone YMMV, but just wanted to bring this up if it could help
someone else.

MM 508 since 5/2000
Type 1 for 43 years
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