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[IP] It really happened

Hey everyone, just wanted to share some good news!For
me anyway,its definatly a YMMV thing.First,that after
five weeks of waiting,my doc's office decided on a
start date-April 23.I've got mixed feelings about
this,glad that they finally decided but furious that
they took so long to do so.And wondering how I'm going
to make it three more weeks.#2-I know people aren't
supposed to brag about their pre-pump improved
a1c's,but I just got one back today that is making me
float on air. After 2.5 yrs of 14.1-8.3's,this last
one was 7.6!I have died all this time to get one like
this,with no result.Making an a1c in the mid 7's was
one of my life goals which I figured would never
happen till I got on the pump.Whoopie,hope my pump
ones are even better.
             Heidi(pumping in 20 days on MM 508)

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