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Re: [IP] Re: Entitlement?

I just don't understand this...why do so many people feel that just because
they or their child has diabetes that are 'entitled' to certain privileges?

Those of us that are Americans already get to deduct medical expenses if we
choose to itemize our taxes.  Many (although not all) of us have SUPERIOR
health care services than anywhere else in the world.  And the majority of us
have health insurance to some degree.

And the one that I really do not understand is the people that feel that just
because they have a member of the family that has diabetes that they should
not have to wait in the lines in amusement parks (esp. Disney World/Disney
Land as previously discussed here.)  Talk about spoiling a child.

We are not special.  Not by any means.  We are not OWED anything just because
we were 'chosen' (either by genetics, immune reactions, lifestyle choices, or
otherwise) to have diabetes.  We are not entitled to anything special . . .
except for a cure.

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Cleveland, Ohio
IDDM X 18+ years, Pumping since 1/4/1995.
(First with Disetronic, now with MM 508 and much happier!)
And remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!
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'Diabetes is a disease of complications waiting for them to happen.' - - -
Mary Tyler Moore

In a message dated 4/3/2001 12:48:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> ...Disability Living Allowance...Gee I wonder if the US has such an animal
> that we might be eligible for?  Does anyone know about something like this?
> I would be interested to find out because if there was we might be entitled
> to some kind of compensation for Josh's diabetes care needs!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
> Poulsbo, WA
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