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Re: [IP] Embarrassing ??

I've gone through spells of increased sweating.  In my case, I think 
it was *usually* related to a higher level of negative stress (either 
physically, or emotionally) in my life.  

Last year, though, when my BGs started coming down, I noticed 
more sweat AND oils.  I think that's a good thing.  Before, my skin 
and hair and mouth and eyes had been SO miserably dry and 
cracked and flaky.

I also noticed that when I started exercising (I'd been incredibly 
sedentary for a very long time), my body wasn't able to sweat and 
got overheated very quickly.  Then suddenly, it remembered how to 
sweat and was rather profuse for awhile.

Keeping shaved has helped with the side-effects (sniff sniff) of the 

But reducing negative stress has helped with that side-effect even 
more than anything else.  I can work out for an hour and sweat 
from head to toe and not smell.  But if some event occurs that 
causes an overload of adrenaline.....  it's only about an hour before 
my deodorant fails....

When I had a stressful job, I actually kept anti-perspirant/deodorant 
in my car to head off that adrenaline effect.

YMMV, of course.
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