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[IP] Embarrassing ??

As you are at the 20 years mark, you're still growing and regulating
internally. The sweat glands are sometimes a reflection of hormonal dealings
within the body.

You may want to go to a dressmakers' store and get underarm protection pads
which you can pin into your garments when you'll be wearing them and can
lauder by hand at night.

If this continues past the age of 25, you can have a small prceedure done to
'deactivate' some of the sweat glands under there and that is AFTER you have
a thourough exam.

It may just be that you are made this way, and as long as you keep clean and
use a antiprespirant with baking soda (arm & hammer makes good APs in your
store) it's nothing to worry over for a while yet.

Jenny Sutherland
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