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Re: [IP] why start with saline?

I started with saline mainly because the pump arrived before the 
trainer called me to set up an appt.  I'd already switched myself 
over to insulin by the time she called.  She about had a heart 
attack when she found out I'd done it all myself!  heh.  Poor girl.  
She asked where I'd gotten the saline (another diabetic product I'd 
used also included saline for practice runs). 

She called my endo and reported me.  Endo just laughed and said 
she doubted she'd get a panicked call from me.  That I tended to 
be an independent cuss anyway.

(But endo did pretend to chastise me when I saw her next..  or 
rather, she *tried* to put on a stern face and stop herself from 
giggling for about 30 seconds....  she didn't manage to hold that 
stern face for more than 5 seconds)
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