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Re: [IP] Re: Anyone have a lawyer connection??

email @ redacted wrote:
> ...Disability Living Allowance...Gee I wonder if the US has such an animal
> that we might be eligible for?  Does anyone know about something like this?
> I would be interested to find out because if there was we might be entitled
> to some kind of compensation for Josh's diabetes care needs!

Actually, the US does. It's called SSI, or Supplemental Security Income.
But it's intended for people who really have no other source of income,
and you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it. 

If you're middle-income, you're almost certainly not eligible for it
unless the disabled family member's medical costs are astronomical, and
unfortunately, diabetes costs don't really fall into that category. 

The hassles are a hassle, but I tend to think that our limited tax
dollars SHOULD aid the poor, not those who really can afford to pay for
things themselves.

(With no judgment on your particular situation, since I don't know what
it is) 
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