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[IP] St. Louis/Yesterday's DAH award


If there is a female pumper in St. Louis that would be willing to help me out 
I would appreciate it.  I am to have surgery to release a trigger finger on 
my left hand on April 18th.  I am hoping to change my infusion set mid 
afternoon on April 17th and will pray that I will not have to change it until 
the afternoon of April 20th.  At that time I will have the big dressings 
removed from my hand and should be able to move it around so I could change 
it myself.

I fear that for some reason I would need to change the set and would like to 
have a backup in case I would need it.  The last time I tried to get my hubby 
to do it he couldn't even fill the syringe without huge air bubbles.  I do 
not think some people are made to do some things!

If I would get into the pickle I was in last night I would be in trouble.  My 
DAH was that I changed the infusion set (not all the tubing) to my Silhouette 
about 4 PM, cooked supper and was the den mother at a meeting at 6:30 PM.  
When my house again became my own about 8 PM I tested my blood and was 440!  
It seems that the tubing "unclicked" itself to the infusion set because it 
had fallen out.  I changed the set, bolused 20 units, 10 Now and 10 squared 
over 30 minutes.  Forty-five minutes later it was 470!  I took another 10 
units and about one hour later I was dropping 90 pts. every 30 minutes.  to 
make a long story shorter I then started to eat (appropriate amounts of 
carbs) and stayed up until 2 am and tested every hour.  My DAH, first 
changing my set and not figuring out that it did not "Click" into place.  
Secondly, overbolusing for the almost 500.  I lived, I am tired, I learned.

Please e-mail me privately if you would be willing to help me if I got into a 
crunch.  I live on the metro east side of the Mississippi River.  Oh, no 
offense to the male pumpers out there, I wouldn't want to embarrass you or me 
if I needed the help.  Thanks for understanding.

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