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Re: [IP] RE: T2's on pump

John Kinsley wrote:
> Natalie A. Sera wrote:
> >I think the resistance to giving pumps to Type 2's is that there are so
> >MANY of them, and they tend to be middle-aged or older, and while people
> >in general (and therefore the rule-makers) care about kids, they DON'T
> >care about adults. Especially older adults without children in the
> >home.
> Sad, but I think there is a lot of truth in what you say.  However, I think
> there is more to it.  Many of the type 2s that I know seem to be too
> complacent with their current treatment and see a pump as too intrusive.
> They, as a group, are not as assertive as type 1s in securing their medical
> care.  Also, many of them are on Medicare and Medicare, as we know, will not
> provide pumps for type 2s.

Which refers back to my statement. WHY won't Medicare fund pumps for
T2's? Too many of 'em (= $), and they're just gonna die soon, anyway.
And they're not cute, like kids are -- (sarcasm on) the fat slobs caused
their own diabetes anyway! (sarcasm off) 

Medicaid is another issue, because somehow the poor are not "deserving"
of first-class medical care; only people who are lucky enough to have
employers who CHOOSE to offer good coverage (read: middle class and up)
"deserve" things like pumps. Those who can MOST afford to pay are
charged the LEAST; those who can least afford it are charged the most.
(How much do you pay cash at a pharmacy compared with insurance

Forgive me that this is political, but if we live in a country that
prides itself on equality, we need to strive to make that more than just
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