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Re: [IP] Diabetic Stamps

In a message dated 4/3/01 1:57:59 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I like them and I think some of the money goes to research. Not sure about
> that though.

  Sorry to disappoint, but since one of the 2 moms of kids with diabetes who 
spearheaded this stamp effort is from my Philadephia JDRF chapter, I know 
this is not the case.
   The breast cancer semi-postal stamp issued in late July 1998 was the first 
time the US Postal Service had ever issued this type of stamp which costs 
more than its face value. The stamp was due to expire in late July, but was 
extended for an additional 2 years by then President Clinton. To date it has 
raised a staggering $12 million for research from those extra pennies/stamp. 
   Valerie & Margaret, the 2 moms, finally gave up on a similar goal when 
told it would be a 7 year process versus the 3 year process for an "awareness 
stamp". Of the 50,000 entries submitted annually, the diabetes stamp was 
approved & released on March 16th. It costs 34 cents, none of which goes to 
research. Coincidentally, when I was in Washington, DC in late February 
visiting legislators with JDRF regarding government research allocations, it 
was mentioned that the USPS has told the government that it will not accept 
requests for semi-postals henceforth because they were beseiged with requests 
from non-profits wanting to mimic the success fo the Breast Cancer stamp.
   Since I am also a breast cancer survivor, my real dilemma this August will 
be deciding which stamp to put on Melissa's WALK to Cure Diabetes Team 
fund-raising letter that she mails to hundreds of friends, family, 
acquaintances, etc! 
    Now - that should sum up "everything you ever wanted to know about 
stamps!" LOL
Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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