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Re: [IP] Today's My Anniversary

There aren't too many people around that I know of that actually have a good 
reason to be thankful that they are alive!  You have a special date that 
causes you to reflect back on your diagnosis.  For me I guess if I have 
something to be thankful for for my son Josh being diagnosed diabetic it is 
that it was ONLY diabetes and not something else like leukemia or another 
form of childhood cancer.  Yes, diabetes is a horrible, terrible disease and 
I will NEVER totally come to grips with why my son was given this disease.  
But I know that my previous thoughts mentioned above were the ONLY things 
that kept me sane while we were in the hospital 3.5 years ago, learning about 
what our lives would be like from that point on.  There was another mom there 
on the children's ward who would walk through the corridors carrying her 
young son dragging an IV pole with the TWO IVs going into either arm and from 
the looks of his room on the ward they had been there for quite awhile.  I 
have a friend, well an aquaintance, whose 4 year old daughter was dxd with 
leukemia and I can tell you I thank my lucky starts that DM is ALL that Josh 
has.  His life is alot more certain these days, what with the pump and all of 
the other advancements.  NO not perfect, but then whose life IS perfect???  

  I HATE this disease but I'm so very grateful too that that is all it is!!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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