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[IP] T2's on pump

Jan H. wrote:
> He was also excited to report that even T-2s are pumping now. I told him it's
> a delivery system and if you use insulin that's the way to go. I told him he
> would have met Jan and Elvis at the BASH if he could have come

I know more than one Type 2 on a pump, and, by and large, it's a
positive experience for them!I figure anything that helps control BG's
is a good thing, no matter what type you are. One of my friends, Ann,
who cannot take sulfs because of liver problems, has gotten her insulin
dose down by 1/3 with the pump and metformin. That also has to be a good

I think the resistance to giving pumps to Type 2's is that there are so
MANY of them, and they tend to be middle-aged or older, and while people
in general (and therefore the rule-makers) care about kids, they DON'T
care about adults. Especially older adults without children in the

And I wanna keep BOTH Jans around for a long time to come!!! No matter
what type they are!!!  :)
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