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Re: [IP] waterproof letter to D

What a terrific draft! I only had two thoughts: I think you could safely 
take out the 'almost" and say that ALL of us find improved quality of life 
- no need to qualify that.  And in the section on people who use sets that 
don't disconnect, could you mention how inconvenient daily 
showering/bathing is with non-disconnecting sets (I won't even try to 
suggest a wording, since you are great at that!)  I'm not sure how people 
would even bathe - nearly 20 years ago when pumps were not waterproof we 
used to clamp off the tubing and remove the whole cartridge from the pump 
when showering.

And you can add my signature:
Betsy Polley
(are you including just the names or the sig files too?)

Betsy, age 34, Type 1 27 years, Disetronic 6 yrs, on third pregnancy with 
pump and due in June.
email @ redacted
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