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Re: [IP] Doctors and Insulin Pumps

>Darrin Parker  said:
>> Congratulations, Diana!  I know hohw you feel.. I had the same expereice
>> a few weeks ago.  It's great, eh!  I can't believe most doctors are 100%
>> against pumping.
>I can not believe it either. In fact, I do not believe it. There is a blurb
>on the MiniMed Website
>(http://www.minimed.com/doctors/md_ipt_ptov_drswithdiabetes.shtml) that
>claims that over 50% of medical professionals using insulin are on a pump.
>So even if some of us have had bad experiences convincing some non-believing
>doctors I doubt it is a general sentiment.

I doubt MM's stats on this.  I have known several healthcare workers (all
in NS) who are on insulin and are 100% against the pump.  One Type I endo
who was very good at MDI mgt kicked me out of his office several years ago
for even considering the pump.

Internationally; I see on this list that most people have trouble finding a
pro-pump endo.  If there are many pro-pump endos out there, I ask people to
please add their names to the IP Org's list of Pump=friendly doctors.  so
far there's only one name for Canada!


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