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Re: [IP] Carbs on an Easter Cream Egg?

> Can anyone tell me what the carb count for a Cadbury Easter
> Cream Egg would be?

Can not find that one. If no one answers by morning I will check at the
store tomorrow

> how to manage eating one of those hollow chocolate bunnies etc
> and count the carbs?

A search of USDA Nutrient Database
came up with:

Milk Chocolate - 57% Carbs
Semisweet Choc -  53% Carbs
Dark Choc. - 60% Carbs

So if you take about 55% of the weight of the bunny eaten as carbs you will
probably be pretty close.

> Those little foil eggs are 2g carbs apiece are they not?

The Herseys ones are 13g carbs for 4 eggs.
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