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Re: [IP] Doctors and Insulin Pumps

> Darrin Parker  said:
> > Congratulations, Diana!  I know hohw you feel.. I had the same expereice
> > a few weeks ago.  It's great, eh!  I can't believe most doctors are 100%
> > against pumping.
> I can not believe it either. In fact, I do not believe it. There is
> a blurb on the MiniMed Website
> (http://www.minimed.com/doctors/md_ipt_ptov_drswithdiabetes.shtml)
> that claims that over 50% of medical professionals using insulin are
> on a pump. So even if some of us have had bad experiences convincing
> some non-believing doctors I doubt it is a general sentiment.

Keep in mind that any doctor that HAS diabetes has probably 
researched throughly JUST LIKE YOU. This is not the same for the 
general population or non-diabetic docs. You have to remember that in 
addition to healing, the first rule they must follow is to DO NO 
HARM. Which translates for many of them into "if it ain't broke, 
don't fix it". Doctors educated before 10 years ago were probably 
told some pretty horrific stories about the few pump failures. In 
addition, there is not a ton of published research that supports pump 
therapy except recently, and almost none for kids -- everything is 
ancedotal -- that is why it's such an uphill battle.

BUT..... we're winning :-)

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