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[IP] need some help starting off

Hi everyone,
  Heres my problem, hope someone can help:
     I will be starting my pump at the beginning of
May and right now my endo and I are trying to figure
out a good baseline rate to start at. I am her first
patient on the pump and we have no idea where to even
begin in figuring out my basal rate. Right now I am on
four shots a day taking between 100-110 units per day
(some obvious insulin resistance involved). I also
suffer from dawn phenomenon, I take 50 units at
bedtime and I still wake up woth a blood sugar between
15 and 20. ( I am not sure what that is according to
the scale most of you use, but that is the high end of
my measuring system).
   So any advice? How did all of you figure out where
to start? Did anyone out there takes as much insulin
as me pre-pump? If so what are your basal rates? Yes I
know it will vary drastically from person to person,
but we would just like some range to work within.
   Thank you in advance to all who reply. Please feel
free to e-mail me personally.

Sarah Arnal (email @ redacted)
   (last A1C= 9.9 AAhhhhh!!!  Hoping pump can bring
that down a lot!!)

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