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[IP] Basal question

How often does the MiniMed 508 deliver a basal?  Does it depend on the basal 
rate?  For instance if it is set for .06 will the delivery frequency be 
different than if it is set for .08?  I know the amount of insulin delivered 
is different but my question is how frequently is it delivered?  Sometimes, I 
hear Cory's pump click for a basal and then I hear it again in 10 minutes or 
so.  I have not seen any information that tells me how often it delivers.  
Also, how soon does the basal effect the blood sugar control?  If the blood 
gluclose level is high at 2 AM -- should the basal be increased an hour or 
two prior to that time?   Cory is often (but not always) a little high at 2 
AM but back to normal by 7 AM.  I am giving a paritial correction at 2AM  
EXAMPLE:  Basal is set at .05 from 2 PM - midnight  - b/s is 100 at midnight  
-- 200 at 2 AM   --  Take .05 correction - which should lower b/s by 25 
points -- Basal is set at .06 during this time -- At 4 AM basal increases to 
.07 and at 7 AM b/s is 100 - 120.  But everytime I try to figure this out, 
his activity level changes for the afternoon/evening so that throws 
everything off again!  I really think 2 profiles -- one for reg. days and one 
for super active evenings -- would be helpful. We haven't tried this yet.
Life with diabetes is certainly never boring!
Susan - Grand "Mom" to Cory age 11 
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