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[IP] Thankful for the pump

My daughter 11 is now on the pump since Feb 28 and we both love it. I
wore the spare one and did saline just so I would fully understand what
it was all about. We have had many problems and all kinds of errors but
all fixable quickly.But my praises come from this past weekend. Patricia
was so sick with a flu virus and nothing would stay on her stomach at
all. I guessed at what changes were  needed for the basal rates and she
did not eat a thing from Sat night until Sunday night when she ate 2
slices of gluten free toasted bread with jam. Her basal rates were right
on and she stayed within the best range of sugars we ever saw. She had
one low but it was just barely a low and due to me giving her a small
bolus when she maybe should not have had a thing. So here we are pumping
away and we love our pump. Thank you to all who have helped and
encouraged us and I hope we can be of help to others. We are talking,
promoting the pump to every person who will listen and Patricia models
it for them saying life has never been so good.

Jana ,Patricia and Cool Blue
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