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[IP] Re: Kindergarten

Mom, Luarie states: < I want someone to sit with Brian and note what
he eats, count carbs, and calculate bolus. >>
BUT... the school's stand is: <<The school thinks that Brian
should just bring his uneaten lunch to the office so the school
secretary can see what is left, and calculate >>
Laurie, I agree with you 100%!  Please continue to insist that someone 
monitor his lunch while he is eating it.  This is the only way to make sure 
he has eaten what you "think" he has eaten.  Also, he should not have to go 
to the office after eating! This takes away valuable time from his school 
day.  If Cory had to do that, it would mean that he would miss part of his 
recess.  The office staff gets very busy at lunch time and children who go 
there may even have to wait to be attended to.
Susan - Grand "Mom" to Cory age 11 dx'd @ 9
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