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[IP] waterproof letter to D

ok, here is a draft. All you D users out there please offer any
comments, corrections, suggestions, etc. Hopefully we can get a final
version done in a couple of days and everyone interested can be added to
the list of "signatures". IMHO, I agree with Darrin that for now this
should not be confrontational...
Also, in my experience, you get better results with this sort of thing
if the letter is directed to a specific person or group of people,
rather than just to the company in general. If anyone has suggestions
who they think copies should be sent to, please let me know.

Disetronic Medical Systems, Inc.
5151 Program Avenue
St. Paul, MN

Dear Sirs:
We are users of your H-Tron or H-Tron+ insulin pumps. These devices have
enabled many of us to achieve significant improvements in blood glucose
levels and HbA1C tests. For others, it has helped lead to a reduction or
slowing in diabetic complications. Almost all of us believe that the
pump has allowed us to have a quality of life much greater than we could
have achieved using injections.

We would first like to thank you for your honest and open attitude with
regards to the recent problems with the H-Tron pumps and water. We
realize that Disetronic took a great risk financially by admitting to
these problems, and we are glad that you cared enough to warn of us
these problems even though the risk is small.

However, we would like to know what future steps Disetronic will be
taking to deal with this issue. Many of us enjoy watersports such as
swimming or jet-skiing. For those of us who participate in these
activities for an extended period of time it may not be practical or
safe to simply disconnect from our pump, or to return to injections
during this time. In addition, some of us use infusion sets that cannot
be disconnected from the pump, and it is a great inconvenience to remove
and reinsert infusion sets every time we participate in water
activities. When we first began pump therapy, many of us chose the
H-Tron specifically for this reason - we need a waterproof pump.

Summer, the season for water activities, is approaching quickly, and it
would be greatly appreciated if Disetronic could address this issue
before then. Even a temporary fix such as a waterproof carrying case
(similar to MiniMed's Sport Case) would be helpful to some of us.

Additionally, we would like to let you know that many of us have been
pumping for some time and, despite the reports of problems, we would
feel completely comfortable continuing to take our H-Trons into the
water just as we had been doing. We always keep materials on hand to
deal with any hypoglycemic event, and we are equipped to deal with any
malfunction of the pump resulting in over-delivery. However, we were
disappointed to see that such an activity would now void our warranty
(as stated in http://www.disetronicusa.com/releases/faqsupp.asp).

Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to hearing from
you on these issues.

 (list of pumpers to be attached here...)
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