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[IP] Old Meters

Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 01:32:59 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] Old Meters


 Get use to it.  Most medical facilities are actually the LAST to get
information let alone updated equipment.  That is why so few MDs, RNs, and
others no so little about pumping!!!

mom to Joshua who is busy educating this rural area of diabetes and the
- ----------------------------------------------------------snip
hate to disagree with you Sylvia but you are dead wrong on this one. Most
Hospital libraries get a bulletin from the medical safety group which is
part of the FDA this outlines all of the problems with medical devices from
infusion pumps to coronary artery stents, pacemakers etc. Before a hopital
gets anything it goes to an acquistion comittee where the request is voted
on and proponants for the equipment voice their opinions. In the current
medical economy you can't get what you want it has to make economic sense.
Nice to have an intraoperative MRI for doing brain Tumors. How will you pay
for it? A CGMS is nice too  but there is no way to charge for it. So, it
becomes a waste of money. spot whose been on both sides of the table pro and
con stuff. I hope you could educate your legislators on why hospitals need
more than what keeps the doors open they are truly the dummies
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