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[IP] sites that feel peculiar

 I just started pumping saline yesterday afternoon at
> my pump trainer's office using sof-set ultimates.
> Later in the evening the infusion site started to
> feel
> uncomfortable and a bit sore. So I changed the site
> -it took me forever because I was nervous - but it
> seemed to go okay. The new site is comfortable most
> of
> the time but sometimes I can still feel it.
> Is this normal to feel your set or should you be
> completely unaware that it is there?? I am not sure
> whether I am just super sensitive because this is
> all
> new to me. Also I am not as thin as I would like to
> be
> but I am wondering whether I would do better with
> the
> 6mm micros instead of the ultimate.
> I would appreciate any advice / comments that you
> guys
> - the experts- can give me.
> Thank you,
> Sam
> Showing off her new pump and belly to anyone
> who she can find!
> as well she should
Anytime you put a new piece of hardware in or on the body there is an
immediate change in the self image of the body as percieved by the brain.
Sometimes these changes are positive or sometimes negative. not the
psychological feeling about yourself but in fact the actual way the brain
feels your body as being. this was written about extensively in the 1920's
by a German neuropsychiatrist Paul schilder in a book the image and
appearance of the human body. (in German the title was a bit more scary) he
said that it you need to get around with a catheter in your bladder because
of a paralysis of the bladder. At first you feel it but as time goes on you
do not. It is similar to wearing glasses which correct extensive
astigmatism, at first they are annoying but with time you don't realize you
are wearing them. The cannula is similar after a change you feel it for a
few minutes but as time goes on I don't know if it is in my right or left
leg. unless I sit in a class with my legs crossed and I see the outline of
he sil I am clueless. Now, it feels freaky if I take the site away to
shower. This is a reason for the need for frequent changing, not only is the
site unpercieved but any infection or problem is also not well percieved.
great question sam. spot
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