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Re: [IP] Anyone got Free Style Meter?


  My son is using the FreeStyle meter.  We love it.  Yes it is a bit hard to 
get the blood from the arm so right now he is mostly using the fingers still. 
 We are going to look into the vaculance device.  MEanwhile we love the sixe, 
quickness and accuracy.  We checked it against the labs and their was 4 
points difference in results!!

  I don't know who told you to wait until seeing the MD to start this meter.  
There is nothing that you have to see him about.  If you read the booklet it 
sayd that the first test with a new bottle of strips should be done with the 
testing solution.  Then after that you just go!  There is nothing magical 
about it.  Also,  you will notice a bit of a difference between the meters 
because they may be measuring a different part of the blood.  ne is blasma, 
one is whole blood.  These will be totally different.  That is why it is 
important not to switch between two meters that are testing the two different 

  My son, who is only nine, is now using the FreeStyle as his primary meter 
and we have the Precision QID as the backup.

mom to Joshua
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