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[IP] Quick Sets from MM

These are my replies to queries about the MM Quick Sets.  Thought others
might like to read them.

I ordered quick sets from Minimed last Thurs.- by telephone.   Am learning
about their insertion and taping.

Hi,   SO glad to see your note on Quick Set.  My 8 year old son got a pump
on March22.  We used the Sof set for the first and second insertion then
used the Quick Set sample we had received last Wed.  I did not use I.V. prep
as I was out of the samples they sent with the pump.

I must not have done it well because we had a lot of high sugars.  It was
VERY confusing because we were still adjusting the basal and all the sugars
had been high anyway!!!!  My dr. and diab. educator, etc. have not much
experience and I am pretty much left to figure this out myself.  My son
wants the quickset in his abdomen but they say he doesn't have enough fat
there.    We SHOULD be getting a box of the quick sets today with the quick
serter.  I didn't think inserting manually was hard, either.  But the tape
didn't stick well, even tho he had no bath.  We did put it in the abdomen
even tho Dr. advised against it.   He doesn't like the Softset in his hip -
he can't access it and the QR gets in way of underwear waistline.

ANY help you could give would be APPRECIATED!!   Sybil Fisher for Morgan
Fisher!!st got the pump on March 22.   Sybil Fisher

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