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Re: [IP] Meter VS. Lab reading

> I just got my lab results back and my glucose reading was 203
> my meter reading was 187 at with the same sample.
> My question: Is this a good correlation? how do I know if %
> that my meter is correct?

I think most would agree that those numbers (8% low) are very acceptable.
The FDA requires a 20% accuracy level for this type meter - Though most of
use feel we need much better than that. You did not mention what type meter
you were using - If you are using a meter calibrated to whole blood values
(such as the One Touch Profile) then you should expect the reading to be
about 11-12% lower than the lab's. In which case  your agreement is even

In terms of knowing if your meter is correct - My suggestion is to routinely
run the control solution. By watching these control solution numbers over a
period of time you will get a feel for what kind of variation to expect from
the meter and for whether your meter tends to read high/low or right-on.

The bottom line is that it probably doesn't manner a lot if your meter
exactly matches the lab. the important thing is to get reproducible numbers
that go up when your blood sugar goes up and comes back down when blood
sugar decreases. You can then use your meter to control your daily
variations and use the lab/doctor's results to determine if you are
targeting for the right value.
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