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Re: [IP] Anyone got Free Style Meter?

> I like the size and the fact that I can use top of arm, (no pain) but
> I am having problem getting enough blood. I also find my bg's are
> reading higher than my one touch meter ... The company told me to
> take the meter to  my Dr. and have them help me with it as it is set
> up different than some other meters.

There has been a fair amount of discussion about getting blood from sites
other than the fingers. You may want to go to the mail archive and search
for the various messages. Here is a link to one previous message with a list
of several suggestions.


Also since this list was posted there has been the suggestion that the
Vaculance from Bayer is the preferred device for getting blood from the arm.
I haven't used it yet (I have one on order) but a number of people like it.

The bottom line is getting blood from the arm is doable (and certainly worth
doing) but it takes some patience and a bit of practice.

In terms of the higher readings - that is to be expected. The One Touch is
calibrated for glucose in whole blood while the FreeStyle (most labs and
most other meters - FastTake, Ultra, etc) are calibrated for plasma. The
difference is about 12% higher for the plasma calibrated meters. If you
search the archives you should be able to also find comparative data for
results from several meters.

The recommendation to wait 2 months till you see your doctor before
switching meters does not really seem necessary to me. You might one to call
him and discuss if you need to change your targets with the plasma
calibrated meter but beyond that I suspect you just need to begin getting
experience with the new meter and the new method of getting blood.
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