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Well, I can truthfully say my mother didn't warn me!

Last night, 3 hours after eating a high-carb medium fiber dinner, I was
215. Oops, go wash hands, test again -- 223. So I changed the site
(which was due, anyway), and took 2 units, because 1 unit USUALLY drops
me 50 mg/dl. And went to bed. 

WRONG!!!  Woke up 2 hours later at 36. I'm pretty sure that qualifies as
a hypo! :S

I SO rarely get that kind of hypo -- it took me totally by surprise. I'm
still feeling icky this morning -- but I really don't know what the
answer should have been, because that kind of extreme drop is very
out-of-character for me.  

I really can't pretend I don't have diabetes, can i???
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