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[IP] Putting in more than 160 units in MM pump

There is a clear plastic 'cradle' which holds the front of the syringe in
the pump.  This is REMOVABLE (if you have the original box the pump came in
there is a plastic remover for it) but if you don't you can call minimed for
it (I don't remember how to get it out without the remover but I believe
there is some way).

Call Minimed support line and ask them how to remove it so you can get more
in (it's really straightforward once you know what you are doing but pretty
confusing if you never saw it done).  I think Minimed is now shipping all
pumps with this thing installed in them (I don't remember if they always did
that as I've been using them for years and seem to remember installing one
at some point)


Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 00:47:09 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] HOW TO FILL RESERVOIR PAST 160???????

i tried to put more in my reservoir and with the end of it extended to fit
more insulin, it wont fit into the pump............ is there somethign that
needs to be adjusted like the neck clamp or soemthing?  i mean, how do
put more than 160 units in a minimed pump?  i know there has to be a way!

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