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> EQUALLY         at about 30% per hour for about
> or four hours....... so when people say they peak
at 2-3 hours, basically
> that's when 60-90% of the humalog has worked and
affected their
> sugars...........

If only 60% has worked after 3 hours, the rest would
be used at a lessened rate.  Some of us, YMMV, have
a delayed response.  Which is the reason that I am
looking forward to the peritoneal shunt.  Mine is
still working after 6 hours, but at a lower rate.
There may be a wide peak, but for me, there is a

> i know for the unused insulin rule, they say to
figure 30% an hour equally
> spread out over 3-4 hours!  for me, it's basically
done after three hours,
> but YMMV!
> glad to be back!!!!!
> gina

You are saying that, for you, there is no peak.  It
is YMMV.  The figures that they give are normal, or
average, response and it can depend on many
extraneous things, like exercize, diet, time of day,
month, etc. and there are others who have a perfect
even, smooth, quick response.  I wish I were one of
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