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Re:[IP] which sites do you use

At last some thing I can offer a bit of advice on! :)

Okay ladies, you must be brave and listen to me; I am talking from experience.
I too thought that there was NO WAY I could put a site in the breast tissue,
but I did and it did not hurt at all. In fact it was better than using my
belly. Us the upper area and I don't think you should have any problems. The
worst part is getting over your own fear of what you think it will fill like.

I have also used my hip area and that worked wonderful, except my jeans ended
up putting a kink in the tubing! :( So that might not be the best place for us
jean wearers. Again the biggest hurdle is your own fears, fears that I found
for myself to be wrong.

The worst place for me was inner thigh, but others love it there, so I guess
it is to each there own.

Just be brave and try new places. If it does hurt you never have to do it

Hope this was helpful to you.

 Hang in there!!

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