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[IP] Book Pumping insulin

For the last couple of years I have heard loads about this book by John
Walsh. I had gotten the 2nd edition through an inter library loan, and
didn't find it all that useful compared to the Insulin Pump therapy book..
by MiniMed.  Has anyone here read the book by MiniMed, and also read this
new version by Walsh. Is there that much more new information in it?  I have
heard that the new Walsh book does cover insulin resistancy and site
absorption issues.   This stuff isn't covered in the MM book. To my

I'm interested in getting this book to add to my library, but was wondering
if anyone knew of the most economical way to do this? (local library isn't
going to purchase at this time, so I'm told because they already have the MM
book on their shelves- because I had ordered it just after I got my pump
{hey they have 2 copies in the library now. so it must be helping someone} )

If I purchase it online, I have found the price varying slightly but its
about $23.64  with taxes and shipping.  Now how does IP get a donation if
purchased through the Books link?  Regular retail price is $23.95

If someone has purchased this book and has decided they no longer want their
copy. Let me know.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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