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Re: [IP] which sites do you use?

On 1 Apr 2001, at 21:42, Betsy Polley wrote:

> day or so. The thought of inserting one in my leg or arm kind of turns my 
> stomach, and I quite literally felt nauseated when I saw the pictures of 
> sets inserted in breast tissue on the website.
> I am also the type that I will not sleep on the side where the set is - it 
> gets too irritated - or probably it is just psychological! Sounds like I've 
> psyched myself out of lots of good spots! 

Well, don't feel alone.  I do use outer thighs (and tummy), but can't 
get up the courage to try any other spots.  Couldn't do syringe 
needles either--far too needlephobic for that (thank you 
pump/SofSet inventors!!!!!!!)

Doesn't help that I don't have very much fat (and still have trouble 
keeping it)
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