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[IP] Re: Anyone have a lawyer connection??

Sorry, I don't have a lawyer connection, but I was so interested to read that 
you are fighting to receive the Disability Tax Credit in Canada.
    I had heard about this tax credit when Claire was dx almost 4 years ago 
and heard that some families were trying to get it.  But upon our return to 
Canada last fall I was told by our local diabetes association that no one got 
it and it wasn't even an issue!!
    Shelly, I would love to have more info on this, as I will also apply and 
be prepared to fight for it.  I think it is pitiful the support that children 
get in this country when they have special medical needs.  We have no 
equivalent of the Section 504--everything is ad hoc and up to the local 
school boards who can make arbitrary decisions.
    We lived in the UK for 2 years.  After being there one year, by chance I 
found out that Claire was eligible to apply for a Disablility Living 
Allowance.  The British diabetes association had lobbied very hard to have 
kids with diabetes be eligible for this.  There were special rules to assess 
children, with 8 years of age being something of a determining factor.  I 
applied and Claire was awarded DLA at the highest rate, it was based on how 
much care and supervision was needed and was a very long and detailed form.  
It was an awesome amount of money, I couldn't believe it.  I myself also then 
received Invalid Carers Allowance because I didn't work.  Now I know that 
many object to the names of these allowances, but its just a catch-all term.  
And it really helps relieve the financial burden when Moms just can't work 
because their kids need so much care.  
    I must admit, it was hard to give up so much money to return to Canada, 
where we don't even get a tax break!!!  But in the UK its impossible to get 
kids on pumps.....so we made the decision to return. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 6, pumping soon
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