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[IP] Anyone have a Lawyer connection??

Hi all:
We are headed to fight the Government here in Canada at Tax Court in the 
next few months.  We are fighting to be able to claim the Disability Tax 
Credit for our son.  Here in Manitoba, Canada families with children and 
Type 1 can apply for this credit and receive it.  All but us of 
course...There is no particular criteria as far as the financial state of 
the family etc.  But the child must be restricted as far as their care etc.  
I hate using this tax credit mainly due to the name of it, but it is the 
only category we can fit in.  People are given the credit arbitrarily, 
whoever happens to get your taxes that day.  So, we have fought this all the 
way up to the Tax Court of Canada and will be representing many families who 
have just given up after being refused.  Now, please remember that the 
majority of families (all our support group families!) have all been 
receiving this credit for years as they will go back to year of diagnosis, 
so where do they get off saying no to some and giving it to others??

There is a ton more to this than I could possibly write here, but I am 
willing to share info with anyone that emails me privately 
(email @ redacted)

What I would like though is maybe a lawyer with a good understanding of type 
1 diabetes (in children would be a bonus) to advise me on different angles 
of my case.  Someone I could email would be ideal!  I figured I would throw 
this out there to the wide range of IP friends here and maybe someone could 

I appreciate all your help and concern!

ps.  I am writing from a differnt email than usual so please use the address 
in this email to write to me.

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