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Re:[IP] Kindergarten


I'm a first grade teacher, and in our school children are not permitted to
exchange food.  I know it's difficult to be absolutely sure that all kids
follow these rules, but if your son knows how important it is that he only
eat what you pack for him he should be ok.  Our school has one teacher and a
classroom aide on lunch duty each day.  The teachers rotate duty days, but
the aide is always the same one.  Perhaps your son's school could work it
out so that an aide could always check on him at lunch time and help with
his bolus.  You could talk with the school nurse too and see what she
recommends.  It IS the school's responsibility to work with you and come up
with a solution that you are comfortable with.  Explain to them what you
would like done, and work with them until an acceptable solution is reached.

Hope this helps,
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