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[IP] Kindergarten

Brian starts kindergarten next fall.  I've met with our school to
discuss procedures, and so fat they seem very open and agreeable.  The
one sticking point we have had is what to do at lunchtime when the
teacher goes on break.  I want someone to sit with Brian and note what
he eats, count carbs, and calculate bolus.  The school thinks that Brian
should just bring his uneaten lunch to the office so the school
secretary can see what is left, and calculate what he ate based on what
a note from me saying what I packed that day, and how many carbs were in
each item. My feeling is that a 5 year old may easily swap food (even if
asked not to) and that unless someone is physically with him-we'll have
no idea what he actually ate.  Does this make any sense?  Does anyone
have a better idea?  Also - does anyone have a copy of a 504 written for
a pumping kindergartner?  I would love to see a copy!  Thanks!  Laurie,
mom to Brian, age 5, dxd 12/98, pumping 1 year this month!
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