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Re:[IP] Disetronic H-Tron plus or any other D pumps

>> #1 Do you Like your pump and #2 Does your low cartridge warning alarm ever
>> work?

#1.  Yes.  It's best suited for me out of the two pump companies.

#2.  Low Cart alarm works flawlessly.

>> I get an error 10 (low cartridge)  followed immediately by an error 01(empty
>> cartridge) so this feature does not help me at all. If it works for you
>> all, I
>> am doing something wrong?

When you fill a cart, just prior to starting the prime, *is the graduation
of 3.15 ml alligned exactly to the front of the plunger*?  If so the low
cart alram will sound at 20 units.  If not the low cart alarm will sound at
the wrong time, or perhaps not at all as the pump's memory thinks there is
a different amt of inuslin left than there actually is.  It pays ot check
the plunger position against the graduation marks fro time to time during

The alarms work as follows:

#10 @ 20 metered units remaining and #01 @ a metered 0 units remaining (may
be a few more or less depending on how accuartely one alligns the front of
the plunger with teh 3.15 ml graduation).  If less then #01 is not sounded
and a #04 results.

If the plunger is alligned anywhere under the 3.15 ml graduation; then the
pump sound off a #04 at 0 actual units, although the metered units
remaining may be many!

>> Secondly to all pumpers, do you wait until your cartridge is totally empty
>> before you change it or do you just change it as soon as you see it is
>> almost
>> empty?

Only if it's going to run our NOT during a bolus and WHILE I am awake and
able to easily cahnge the cart.  Otherwise I usually change at about 10

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