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[IP] Re: Soehnle Diet-Health Computer Scale

 Has anyone had experience with the Soehnle Diet-Health Computer Scale
counting gram carbs in food?  How about other gram counters?

Oh, yes!!!  How we love this sweet little machine!  It make it SO easy to
just plunk down your food and weigh it to match the grams on the
nutritional label.  Also great help when I use the Carbo Factor info at
the end of the book Pumping Insulin.  Ours has the tara weight button so
I can put Katie's dinner plate on the scale, zero out the weight of the
plate, the chicken and the green beans, and add the mashed potatoes (or
whatever) to be weighed.  Also has a button on the bottom so you can
count in either grams or ounces.  We threw in the towel and bought one a
few years ago when I absolutely refused to count out 40 Cheetos Cheese
Balls yet again!  Bought it at the Diabetes Mall (1-800-988-4772;
www.diabetesnet.com).  Think it was about $80.
Debbie, mom to Katie, 10
Dx'd 9/97, pumping since 8/99

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