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Re: [IP] Just for fun..want to wagerhow long insurance takes?

Two months.  Since I don't actually have the pump in my possesion yet,
maybe I am making this statement prematurely.  But, I decided on the pump
I wanted the first week of February.  Just got a call two days ago
informing me that I was approved and would be receiving my pump on
Wednesday (April 4).  I called Animas and/or the insurance company almost
weekly to nudge them along.  Acutally, Animas needed no nudging; they were
great!  The insurance person in charge of my case went on vacation during
this time.  Also, my ins. company had internal disagreement on whether I
should be covered.  So, they just made no decision, perhaps hoping that I
would just forget about it?  This little two month battle has been
frustrating for me, so I really feel for you folks that have waited years.  

--Richard Seyler
  dx T1 1/80,  pumping soon (maybe!)
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